9 Months DI Colourist Program

Black Grunge



Total Duration: 9 Months

Optional 3 Months Internship

Wednesdays, from 10.00pm - 10:00pm

Our Flagship Course on Digital Intermediate Studies, the 9 Months program covers both the Creative & Technical acpects of both Baselight & Resolve. Understanding Camera to DI workflows & Monitor Calibration process.

We also offer an optional  3 months internship program.



This is our Flagship DI Colour Grading Course

We cover both the Creative & Technical part of the Colour Grading Process on both

FIlmlight's Baselight & DaVinci Resolve

Walkthrough of the User Interface

Importing EDL, XML & Footage

Conforming the timeline with online footage using XML & Offline

Matching Cuts, Transitions, Rendering the data into multiple formats

Round Tripping from Fcp to Baselight & Davinci Resolve

Understanding different Raw Format & Project Setting for Camera’s like Red, Arri, Bmd, Canon, Sony Conforming Process both Manual & with EDL/XML

Online Editing using available tools

Understanding how to read different scopes like Parade, Vectorscope, Histogram & Waveform

Process of Primary Colour Correction

White Balancing the shots

Starting with Film & Base Grade as well as Printer Light Correction

RGB and Exposure Offsets & Pre-gain Correction


Secondary Colour Correction

Understanding different colour nodes

Log Grading

Using RGB Curves

Advanced Curve Grades

RGB & HLS Qualifiers

Beauty Work

Creating Circular, Square, Polygon & Gradient Masks for Depth as well as for Garbage Masking

3D & Object-based tracking of Masks

Creating & Designing Colour Looks

Adding in Film Grain

Using Look Up Tables ( LUTS )

Exporting Colour grade as Luts

Temporal De-graining of shows with noise issues

Colour matching shot to shot for whole scenes

Output Blanking and different Mastering resolutions

Render Out process for Censor as well as Theatrical & Web release


Understanding the Process of Monitor Colour Calibration

Setting up a collaborative workflow using Davinci Resolve

Working with OFX Plugins  


Post this, students work on their showreel which is reviewed by Colorist on a regular basis and after the course completion students get an opportunity to intern with post houses for about 3 months, were-in they work as assistants on live projects and get their name in those projects.